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About Us

Being parents of Dancers for the past 25 years we had hundreds of pictures of our children at dance events, in the studio and at home in costume. The pictures we didn't have, were of our kids actually performing on stage.

Our kids put on their best effort when there is an audience watching. We noticed that there was no one around to take pictures of them performing.

Taking pictures in the theaters isn't permitted as, the flashes are distracting to the dancers and judges. We have the right camera equipment to be able to take pictures without a flash and have the permission of the event organizers to be in the theater, so we can get those action shots that you would not be able to take.

We all have tried to take a picture in the theater and most times, the shots weren't very good, usually they are too dark or are blurry. (the flash got me some unwanted attention too....) We started Silver Swan Photography in 2009 and have put together our love of photography and technology and have made sure that we have the right equipment and the right people to provide a quality, professional service at dance events.

We have a computer system that will allow you to view all of the pictures that we have taken at the event in the same order as the event program, and usually within minutes of the performance being completed.

Here is the simple version of the service that we offer: We setup 4-5 kiosk viewing station computers in the lobby, we have a photographer in the theater, as the performances are completed the pictures the photographer took are loaded onto the computers. You are able to review the pictures that we took and you can either have those pictures printed right there or, you can purchase the digital copy of the pictures and you can decide what you want to do with them.

You have complete *personal ownership of it (*by personal we mean, you are not allowed to re-sell them or use them commercially). No crazy prices, no hassles, you get to print them, share them, e-mail them, you decide. With the Kiosk Viewing stations you get to pick which pictures you want and either have them printed on scene with our professional quality photo printer, or have them sent to you via direct download.. 

Either option you choose allows you to take home your purchase the same day.    Our specialty is in being on-scene, providing quality pictures and immediate access to them at a reasonable price.

*If you are interested in using the pictures for commercial purposes, please contact us. The pictures taken at the events come right from the camera to the viewing stations, not all are commercial level and we would like to make sure that if you want to use them commercially, that you get the best possible product.

Silver Swan Photography is proudly based in Regina, Saskatchewan

Products and Services

Our main focus is to provide professional on-site service to our clients, to do that, we have to make sure that we are working with the best equipment. We use Nikon professional digital camera equipment for all of our shooting. Shooting with professional equipment gives our customers the ability to print our images up to poster size.

The Kiosk Viewing systems are 21" touch screen display monitors, these screens offer a sharp image and vivid colors to allow you to properly evaluate our pictures.

We offer the option of purchasing an 8x10 or 2 -  4x6 prints that we can print on-scene with our professional grade printers or, you can choose the specific images that you want and have them sent directly to you via direct download.

We now offer a studio package, we will come in and take all of your students pictures for each group and individual. Contact us for more details.

We are offering video services for competitions and for recitals as well.